Top 5 Nursing Bras in Singapore for Your Relaxed Maternity Journey

1. Dorset Active Nursing Bra

Dorset Active Nursing Bra

2. Brooklyn Triangle Nursing Bra

If you like simple, uncomplicated things in life, the Brooklyn Triangle bra is definitely for you.

Brooklyn Triangle Nursing Bra

3. Lovemere Emma Paris Racerback Sleep Nursing Bra

Whether you are pregnant or breastfeeding, you need your sleep and rest. If you are one of those women who hate to wear a bra at the bed, try the Lovemere Emma Paris Racerback Sleep Nursing Bra.

Lovemere Emma Paris Racerback Sleep Nursing Bra

4. Love, Juliette Nursing Bralette

Looking for something lacy and intricate? The Love, Juliette Nursing Bralette is a perfect choice. Made from beautiful intricate lace, this nursing bralette is inspired by the Juliette rose. A beautiful addition to your lingerie wardrobe and one that you would want to wear again and again.

Love, Juliette Nursing Bralette

5. Lovemere Seamless Nursing Bra

Get back to the basics with the Lovemere Seamless Nursing bra. It is a versatile nursing bra that you can wear under multiple outfits. The seamless cups and the comfortable fabric make the bra a great choice for nursing mothers. The drop-down access for nursing is very functional and perfect for new breastfeeding mothers.

Lovemere Seamless Nursing Bra

Feel Safe and Comfortable in The Top 5 Nursing Bras Singapore

We hope this post has come in useful when you need to choose the best nursing bras in Singapore! There are many other motherhood clothes you need when you are pregnant. Check out the ultimate collection of new cool maternity wear to ensure you’re equipped with everything you need. We’ve also shortlisted some of the best maternity apparel for your maternity days’ comfort. Join us on Lovemere’s Social media channels — Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, to see our exclusive offers during festival seasons on modern maternity clothes.



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