7 Vital Truths About Padded and Wireless Nursing Bras

  1. Padded Nursing Bras are Better for Modesty.
Padded Nursing bras
Brooklyn Triangle Nursing Bra Singapore

When you Need to Wear a Wireless Nursing Bra

During pregnancy and breastfeeding, comfort becomes your top priority when it comes to bras. That’s why so many mamas prefer our wireless nursing bras. Whether or not you wear wired bras is totally personal preference, however, there are some periods of time where we recommend mamas only wear wireless nursing bras. These are the first few months of pregnancy and the first 4–6 weeks postpartum. During these times, your breasts are undergoing rapid change and can be quite tender, so it’s best to limit restriction.

Buying the most comfortable nursing bra

For buying the most comfortable nursing bra, follow the below 3 easy tips.



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